Here's what was new then.

9.21.03: In October BIZAR BAZAAR will play two weekend shows: Saturday, Oct. 4 Biz Baz opens for ALO with the Cannonball Horns! Friday, Oct. 17 Biz Baz All-Star show with special guests Jason Concepcion (Netwerk: Electric) on guitar and Paul Hanson (Bela Fleck and The Flecktones) on bassoon.

9.8.03: Beginning this month, BIZAR BAZAAR will play every other Tuesday at the Boom Boom Room. This will allow us to play more weekend shows as well as give us some extra rehearsal time to work on some exciting shows we are putting together. Our next show features Ratdog guitarist Mark Karan.

7.27.03: We want to thank Randy Todd for singing with us the last few shows. It has made Tuesdays more fun for all of us. BIZAR BAZAAR will not be performing on August 5th or 12th as Michael is getting married and will be honeymooning. Congratulations to Michael and Gigi! Biz Baz will be returning Tuesday August 19 with the great Paul Hanson on Bassoon and Sax! In September, Bizar Bazaar will perform a show devoted to the music of the Grateful Dead.

7.14.03: Photos from our saturday show at the High Sierra Music Festival are up on the photos page.

6.9.03: Long-promised Biz Baz bios have been posted on the Bios page.

4.14.03: We've posted two new reviews of Biz Baz shows written by Dennis Cook.

4.5.03: New photos are up from our 1.21.03 show with Michael Emenau.

4.2.03: BIZAR BAZAAR will be performing at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA, on July 3-6, 2003!

2.15.03: New music from the 1.17.03 show with Jason Concepcion and Joe Cohen is up on the music page.

2.2.03: We've got new music on the music page and a new promo page up with Biz Baz flyers you can download and print. Also, you can now check out our archived news items.

1.3.03: Michael Bizar looks back at 2002...

I met Simon through a completely random $20.00 pick up gig last year. Both of us came in to fill in for a band with no soloists. After hearing Simon play and realizing we had so much music in common, I said "Hey, we should start a band." So a couple months later, and with the help of Andy Gadiel and Alex Andreas, we were live on Tuesdays at the Boom Boom Room, only thing was...we had no material. Filling up the bass was a no brainer. Murph had just moved to Berkeley from Chicago, and I could not have been happier to be reunited with my favorite bassist. Simon brought in Jim Richards to jazz up the drums and we started to learn a bunch of songs. Somehow I managed to line up guests: Mike Rinta, Will Bernard, and Paul Hanson for the first month of gigs. Since then, we started to learn what worked and what did not. Every gig was getting better and every guest was so unique, and over time, there was a buzz about this band playing crazy stuff every Tuesday.

In October, Lucas Carlton joined us and Jim went on to other ventures. Things took a step back to bring Lucas up to speed so we needed to rehearse A LOT to move forward! Through all of these rehearsals we found a new dedication to making the music happen each week, and now we have found our niche in the San Francisco music scene.

AHHH...the special guests...Things started to get interesting when Paul Hanson started making noise and blew his rig during one of his first appearances. Up until that point, I had never seen a bassoon blow up a speaker! Paul came back several times last year and each time got better. In July, I got to be a part of a special night in San Francisco playing with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey with the members of Om Trio sitting in. Trombonist Marty Wehner was an August guest that helped teach us how to let the music lead the way. Then Jason Concepcion came in like a super hero and showed us how to do it! Since then, we learned how to let the guests guide the show, and our music has come alive. Saxophonist Charles McNeal blew us to oblivion in October and set a new standard...Then came Steve Erquiaga, Joe Cohen and finally John Whooley. All these amazing musicians were coming in and taking the driver's seat and we were blowing the roof off in such totally different ways. Each week was so totally different from the last whether is was Randy Todd and Ethan Hamilton singing songs, or Mark Karan ripping up his Les Paul...we had finally learned how to bring out the best in our guests, and ourselves.

For me, I get the most joy out of hearing the core band every week. It was no coincidence I met Simon that night. Simon always plays the notes that I so desperately want to hear. His knowledge of music is so evident, yet he always manages to turn his mind off and lets the music live and breathe. And I can go on and on about Murph. He is a master of his instrument and it is a privilege for me to stand next to him each gig. He always puts the music first and so selflessly. He has always been one of my mentors, and having him in California has raised my happiness on so many levels. Finally...Since Lucas took over in the drum slot, he has taken us to the to the most rockin' places we have ever been, and to the most quaint and serene musical moments I didn't even know we had. Lucas has been a shining light for this band. His dedication to his technique has paved the way for our most creative moments...and he is so cute...

Things can only get better from here. We are a brand new band that has just learned how to harness our collective energy into magic. We invite you all to come out on Tuesdays and we can experience this new found alchemy together!

11.7.02: It has been over six months since the first BIZAR BAZAAR. Wow, just think about many memories. We want to thank Alex at the Boom Boom Room for letting us do our thing and for booking such quality music there 7 days a week!

We also want to welcome drummer Lucas Carlton into the band. You may have seen Lucas playing in the band Wayside, or as a guest sitting in with Bizar Bazaar. He rocks and we look forward developing the new vibe!

As the year comes to a close, we have lined up some very special guests to appear. This month you can catch the debut of local sax legends Charles McNeal and Joe Cohen. Both are extraordinary musicians and we are lucky to get to perform with them. Next month you can also look forward to the return of such talent as Jason Concepcion, Randy Todd, and Ethan Hamilton. As Bizar Bazaar continues our Tuesday night Boom Boom Room explorations, we promise to keep bringing quality guests and with that, the ability to keep each week fresh for both you and us. Thanks to everyone for all the support!

10.28.02: Bizar Bazaar is proud to announce two very special shows this week. Tuesday, October 29 features Randy Todd on acoustic guitar and vocals, Lucas Carlton (Wayside) on drums, and Ethan Hamilton (Shady Lady) on sax, flute and vocals. The second show this week is Friday, November 1st and features special guests Jason Concepcion (Netwerk: Electric) on guitar, plus Randy Todd and Lucas Carlton. This is our first weekend headlining spot at the Boom Boom Room, and we promise to take it over the top!

8.30.02: A couple mp3s from our first show with Paul Hanson are now up on the music page.

8.12.02: We are excited to announce the return of bassoonist Paul Hanson to BIZAR BAZAAR. This will be his third Bazaar and we could not be happier to have him! We at Bizar Bazaar feel lucky to be able to say thanks to everyone for making our Tuesday night endeavors a success. We also want to give a special thanks to all the amazing musicians for taking the risk and playing with us each week. Getting to work with these exceptional artists has inspired us to be better at what we do. Thanks!

Don't miss the debut performance of Jason Concepcion with Bizar Bazaar on Tuesday August 20th. Jason is the composer and guitarist extraordinaire of the Santa Cruz based Newtwerk: Electric.

7.9.02: Pictures from our first show with Paul Hanson are up on the photos page.

7.8.02: Last week Michael was lucky enough go deep into the musical madness that is the innovative Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. This keyboard trio from Tulsa, Oklahoma is out there touring non-stop and breaking new ground every show! In Bizar Bazaar tradition, other Bay Area folks were featured last week. Brian Felix (keyboards) and Ilya Stemkovsky (drums) from SF's OM Trio got to perform alongside JFJO w/ Michael! It was one of those nights that can only happen in San Francisco and we all felt lucky to be there!

6.24.02: Photos taken by Bill Sloggatt of our show with Will Bernard are up on the photos page.

6.20.02: Our pal Cory Ferber has written a review of our first show with Paul Hanson, who is returning next event not to be missed!

6.17.02: BIZAR BAZAAR wants to thank Chris Rossbach and Michael Myers for taking the band to such amazing new places last week. Our Michael was away last week, and Chris did a wonderful job filling in for him. Michael returned from Hawaii both 30 years old and engaged! We wish Michael and Gigi the best of luck.

5.27.02: We want to say "Thank you" to Paul Hanson and Josh Paxton for making last week so special. That was Paul Hanson's first gig at the Boom Boom Room, and we look forward to having him back later in June to explore the depths of what a bassoon can really do! We also want to thank Justin Hellman and Lucas Carlton of Wayside for sitting in and rippin' it up in our second set! June is filling up with some great guests, and we look forward to taking the music deeper each week.

5.21.02: We got reviewed on seems like they liked us...

5.19.02: A big thank you to everyone who came out and made our first two shows such a big success. The B3 was hummin', the crowd was bumpin', and our featured guests, trombonist Mike Rinta and guitarist Will Bernard, were on fire. We've got some photos posted from the first show...more are on the way. Also, our taper section is getting reved up, so we should have mp3s up here soon.